Hi! I'm Kristin.

I live in Portland, OR with my sweet other half, Kyle, and our dog, Frankie. I’ve always enjoyed writing, sharing advice, a good deal, or a yummy recipe. I love being able to offer a solution to those who might ask for my help - so yes, please, ask me where those boots are from and I’ll tell you ALL about them.

After a good few years hiatus, I’m back to blogging to share some of my favorite things - home decor, food, fashion, and beauty. You'll get a little taste of my lifestyle and hopefully some inspiration to fill those tiny spaces between whatever else goes on in your own life.

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P.S. - I'm also the owner of Wit & Glory where I design stationery and other gift items so, if you're in need of some #sassypaper, you can find that over here and @witandglory on Instagram.