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The seasons are changing (thank god!) and so are my go-to products. In the Winter it was all about major moisture and overnight skincare - which is still super important - but in the Spring and Summer months I feel like I can get away with less makeup and that always helps with the texture of my skin. Not to mention, having a natural glow definitely gives me an excuse to skip the heavy foundation and opt for lighter products.

Here are a few of my essentials for the months to come!

1. Alpha Beta Daily Peels by Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare - I mean I literally cannot live without these little suckers. Even going a week or two without them in my nightly routine, I can completely tell a difference in my face - and not in a good way! These peels are my dirty little secret to having amazing, soft skin and, though it may be an expensive habit, I don't think I could give them up. You may use them once daily - either AM or PM - on clean, dry skin using circular motions. Use the pad in Step 1 until it feels dry, wait two minutes, and repeat with the pad in Step 2. Make sure not to rinse afterward or use any products containing alcohol. And as always - avoid contact with eyes! Ouch. These peels are available in a sensitive, regular, or extra strength formula. I've tried them all but the regular ones seem to be just fine for me!

2. Witch Hazel - Not only is this natural astringent great for clearing away all that extra dirt and grime and makeup that you THOUGHT you washed off with your cleanser, it also works wonders for mattifying the skin which is why I love using it in the warmer months. After washing your face at night, use a cotton ball to apply the witch hazel all over your face. I typically go through 3 cotton balls full before they start to wipe clean/free of dirt or makeup residue. Once that happens - you're finally clean! Follow with a spritz of Rosewater Toner (like this one!) and/or your favorite nighttime serum and moisturizer. You can find witch hazel at Target in the medicine aisle.

3. Make Up Forever Mist + Fix Setting Spray - This stuff is my jam. It's alcohol free, helps makeup stay put for 12 hours, and provides moisture - all good things for the Spring and Summer! Spray it over the entire face after applying all of your powder products to set them. I like to take a large powder brush to my face after that to blend away any water spots and help speed up the drying process. Often, I'll wet my beauty blender sponge with the setting spray before applying powder with it to help "bake" my foundation a bit and get fuller coverage that lasts. I can definitely tell a difference when I don't!

4. Anatasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer - Brows have always been my thing. I've had horrible ones and I've had great ones and pretty much every kind in between. We're all guilty of that over-plucking-through-high-school phase and the over-filling-via-YouTube-tutorial phase. Thankfully, I have my brows feathered now BUT I still need a little help when I want a bolder, more finished look. Enter: Anastasia's Brow Definer. I used to be a Brow Wiz gal through and through but this new pencil provides a softer, blended look and fills my brows in half the time. It's a must! Right now I'm using Soft Brown.

5. Perfection Mist Airbrush Blush by Sephora Collection - This fancy blush comes in four cheeky colors. Right now I'm using 01 Such A Peach which is a nice balance between pink and orange with a tiny bit of shimmer to help highlight the cheek. It seems scary at first but the application is actually pretty easy and basically fool proof - just be warned that a little bit does go a long way! I've tried it both ways - spraying directly onto the face after applying foundation and spraying on a small brush and sweeping on in an upward motion to blend. Though aiming directly at your face isn't entirely impossible to get right, I definitely prefer using a brush for this. As I said, a little goes a long way so a brush gives you slightly more control. Anyway, this product is an awesome alternative for Spring/Summer because it's one less cakey powder product to add to your routine and gives that natural glow I can get behind. Plus - it's only $20.00!